Employers offering yoga classes to their staff find a more motivated and more productive workforce who are able to release and expand physically, mentally and emotionally.

It has powerful effects and benefits including:

  • Employees feel valued and cared for
  • Enhances team bonding and motivation
  • Increases potential, confidence and positivity
  • Enhances mental focus and clarity leading to greater creativity
  • Promotes endurance, balance and awareness of self and others
  • Raises awareness of and provides release for habitual patterns
  • Balances the nervous system so that employees are calmer, more stable and better able to deal with stress – no more panicky decisions, heightened emotional outbursts or blaming of others.
  • Greater sense of well being and more balanced decision making
  • Strengthens the immune system meaning employees are better able to fight infection

Alongside the mental and emotional benefits, greater physical strength and flexibility can also be preventative – fewer days lost due to back and neck pain, or to infections flooding weaker immune systems. And of course more balanced, less stressed, calmer employees are less likely to need duvet days.


Cat on a Mat can provide on-site classes direct to your workforce in one of two ways:

Regular classes:

  • Decide if you want classes before work, during the lunch hour, or after work
  • Decide if you would like an hour or a 45 minute class
  • Provide a space such as a conference room, meeting room or any other open area. (Tables and chairs can easily be pushed out of the way for the duration of the class and returned afterwards)
  • Cost: £80 per class

One-off classes:

Cat on a Mat is also available for conferences and away days – start the day with an invigorating class to get everyone energised and help them bond, try one during the day to punctuate or provide a relaxing break, or end the day with a class designed to help delegates unwind, which will help recharge the batteries ready for the next day’s session or the return to work.

  • Price on application

For more information, and to book, email info@catonamatyoga.com