At Cat on a Mat we believe everyone can do yoga.
But why would you want to?

The list of benefits are enormous but let’s start with what yoga actually means. Many people know it as an exercise which strengthens and tones the muscles and improves flexibility. Yes it can do that, but it is so much more as well. The word yoga can be translated from the Sanskrit as ‘union’ and one of its principle purposes is to help improve the mind body connection.

In uniting mind, body and breath, yoga trains the complete person to become strong, focused and flexible. It enables you to explore and get to know your own body and how it works so you can harness that knowledge to help it work most efficiently. You learn to release tension in body, mind and emotions. The result is more energy, a more balanced state of mind and better regulated emotions, all of which leads to a greater sense of well being and a better mood.

Here are just some of the possible benefits of yoga:

  • Stronger, lengthened muscles and better protected joints
  • Better core strength and lengthening of the spine leading to fewer back problems
  • Better flexibility
  • Release of tension
  • More blood flow to the tissues, cells and organs leading to improved circulation and a stronger immune system
  • Lower blood pressure, lower stress and therefore better ability to relax leading to better sleeping patterns
  • Increased endorphins, dopamine and serotonin levels which means better emotional balance and a greater sense of well being.
  • More focused leading to greater stability, clarity and creativity

If you are already sporty in another field – running or cycling for instance – then yoga can help enhance your performance elsewhere by deeply stretching and lengthening muscles, increasing core strength and helping the spine to lengthen. It can also help you to understand and enhance your breathing patterns to increase your aerobic efficiency.

How will I feel at the end of a class?

Relaxed, focused, balanced, calm, open, aware of yourself and your surroundings, energised.

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