Caring for the Carers

 Research is revealing that caring for others can be hazardous to health – your own, AND that of your clients and patients. A weekend of CPD and relaxation for caring professionals will examine the science behind this claim while offering opportunities to experience counterbalancing effects of self-care.


  • Discover the latest research, and explore the somatic consequences of self-care choices on you and those you care for;
  • Discuss the impact on your health, happiness and career longevity;
  • Engage in experiential exercises – how effective is your self-care?
  • Influence your nervous system, improve polyvagal tone, and learn to ground with yoga, breathing and meditation practices – all proven methods of self-regulation;
  • Relax, sleep, chat, read, walk in nature, do jigsaws……


Self-care can be an alien concept to those whose empathic temperaments have led them into professions where they prioritise others at the expense of themselves. Compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, emotional contagion, or                      burnout can result and lead to depression, anxiety, addiction, and severe illness. It’s unsustainable and can mean premature exit from the profession.

And do we talk about this? No, we are the carers, the strong ones – to admit otherwise can feel shameful, might suggest we can no longer do our jobs. We carry on ignoring our own needs or feeling guilty for allowing ourselves to say no to others and yes to ourselves.

But what if by not looking after ourselves we could actually be harming our clients as well as ourselves? Research shows that our nervous systems are communicating our lack of self-care to our clients, and affecting their ability                      to experience us as a safe, holding, regulated presence.

WHERE:         St Katherine’s, Parmoor, a beautiful former convent near Henley

WHEN:           21-23 April, 2017 (supper time on Friday to teatime on Sunday)

COST:            £395 p/p for a single room, £350 p/p for a shared room

Non-residential daytime attendance – £100 p/p per day

WHO:           For carers in any field – therapists, teachers, doctors, nurses…..

Facilitated by Sasha Bates (MA, MBACP, UKCP) psychotherapist and yoga teacher (BWY/Yoga Alliance).

HOW:           For more info or to book: or 07768 878 957.